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Global Perspectives Now Global Perspectives Now

Thug Chasing?: Three American Teenage Girls (Two Somali and One Sudanese) — Stopped In Germany On Way To Join ISIS

The girls are reported to have been returned to Denver after their parents alerted authorities.

ISIS Fighters On Parade In Iraq: Is their propaganda irresistible? (Screen capture from video)
ISIS Fighters On Parade In Iraq: Is their propaganda irresistible? (Screen capture from video)

By Shimon Prokupecz
Three teenage girls who set out from a Denver suburb apparently bound for Syria to join extremists fighting there are back home after their parents alerted authorities and the trio was stopped in Germany, U.S. officials said.

The teens -- two sisters of Somali descent and a friend whose family is Sudanese, according to a Denver community leader -- were detained when their flight landed in Frankfurt on Friday after the FBI flagged their passports. They were flown back to Denver on Sunday, officials said.

Parents of the girls called the FBI after becoming concerned the girls may have been traveling to Turkey.

The FBI, which is investigating why the girls left, is "aware of the situation and assisted with bringing the individuals back to Denver. That is all the information we can provide at this time," said agency spokeswoman Sue Payne in Denver.

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Ben Bradlee — Former Washington Post Executive Editor (Back When That Newspaper Was Still Worth A Damn) — Transitions at Age 93

Photo by M.A.C Drake-McLaughlin.
Photo by M.A.C Drake-McLaughlin.
The media and political world stopped on Tuesday night to remember the life of former Washington Post Executive Editor Benjamin C. Bradlee, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 93.
In a statement, President Barack Obama called Bradlee “a true newspaper man,” for whom journalism “was more than a profession – it was a public good vital to our democracy. “

“He transformed the Washington Post into one of the country’s finest newspapers, and with him at the helm, a growing army of reporters published the Pentagon Papers, exposed Watergate, and told stories that needed to be told – stories that helped us understand our world and one another a little bit better,” Obama said. “The standard he set – a standard for honest, objective, meticulous reporting – encouraged so many others to enter the profession. “
Obama awarded Bradlee the Medal of Freedom last year.

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