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Malcolm X: His Killer Is Alive and Well - The FBI Knows Who He Is and Where He Lives

The Killer of Malcolm X: William Bradley aka Mustafa Shabazz
The Killer of Malcolm X: William Bradley aka Mustafa Shabazz.
 For The First Time in History, The Face of William Bradley; Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X-El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, In a Public Safety Campaign Commercial for Cory Booker!

By Abdur Rahman Muhammad
Let the historical record forever reflect that the man pictured above, William Bradley 72 (approx.) (known today as Mustafa Shabazz) is the sawed-off shotgun assassin of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz). He is the man who fired the first and deadliest shot which ripped through the chest of the powerful Black leader on that cold 21st day of February, 1965.

Time has caught up with him, and he can no longer lurk in the shadows waiting for his eventual end without having his dastardly deed made known. Mr. Bradley must now face the historical music in the land of the living. Then how ironic is it that “Willie” Bradley appears in a recent public safety campaign commercial for Mayor Cory Booker. The killer appears at 8 seconds.

The 'Killer of Malcolm X' in a Mayoral Campaign Commercial for Now
NJ Senator Cory Booker Know. Did Cory Booker know?

In light of the recent outrage over the parole of Talmadge Hayer (aka Thomas Hagen), the only one of the five real assassins to be tried and convicted for the murder of Malcolm X, and the fact that other media outlets had gotten  hold of our research and were planning to break this story, it was decided by myself and a committee of eminent scholars to publish it now.
The five assassins came out of the Nation of Islam Mosque number 25 in Newark (now Masjid Ali Muslim) located at 257 S. Orange Ave, and are Benjamin Thomas, Leon Davis, Wilbur Mckinley, Talmadge Hayer, and William Bradley. It was Bradley who was especially chosen by Thomas, the ring’s leader, to handle the sawed-off owing to his infamous reputation on the streets of Newark, N.J. as a ”stick up man” and bank robber, the city where he still lives today “hidden in plain sight”.

He can be found on almost any given day, a large grandfatherly type figure, at the First Class Championship Development Center, a gym located at 936 Bergen Street which is owned and operated by his wife, long time activist Carolyne Kelley-Shabazz. She has her own interesting story. A one time supporter and intimate acquaintance of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, she emerged later to become one of the most well-connected cronies of former Mayor and convicted felon, Sharpe James. In addition to the gym she owns quite a bit of real estate, providing for herself and her husband – the killer of Malcolm X - a very comfortable standard of living. Are you outraged yet?

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The Justice Department is Hiding Something on Malcolm X Murder

Forty-six years after the assassination of Malcolm X, a large segment of Black America believes the FBI played a part in the Black leader’s death. But the first Black U.S. attorney general refuses to reopen the case, and the FBI has claimed for 30 years – amazingly – that it never investigated Malcolm’s murder. If the FBI is to be believed, “there can be only one reasonable conclusion: that they knew exactly what happened at the Audubon Ballroom, and either facilitated it or criminally failed to prevent a capital crime from occurring.”

By Glen Ford
“The Justice Department is engaged in stonewalling that is equal to a coverup of its institutional involvement in Malcolm’s elimination.”

The Obama administration’s Justice Department says there is no compelling reason to reopen the investigation into the assassination of Malcolm X. More precisely, Attorney General Eric Holder’s people claim “the matter” of Malcolm’s death “does not implicate federal interests sufficient to necessitate the use of scarce federal investigative resources.” With such cold, contemptuous bureaucratese, the first Black Attorney General, serving at the pleasure of the first Black President, dismisses the 1965 murder of the guiding spirit of Black America’s 1960s Freedom Movement as not worth the cost.

In flat-out denying that the case could “implicate federal interests” the Justice Department is engaged in stonewalling that is equal to a coverup of its institutional involvement in Malcolm’s elimination. It is a matter of settled public record that FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover hated Black militants and that his agents had thoroughly infiltrated the Nation of Islam in the period that Malcolm was its lead spokesman and after he split with the organization. If anyone could provide evidence as to who really killed Malcolm at the Audubon Ballroom, it is the FBI. Yet the last we heard from the Bureau on the matter was in 1980, when the FBI claimed that it had never investigated the assassination of a man they followed around the country and the world until his dying day. A man who was the central personality in a movement they were attempting the “neutralize” under the COINTELPRO political police program.
“If anyone could provide evidence as to who really killed Malcolm at the Audubon Ballroom, it is the FBI.”

If we are to believe that the FBI did not investigate Malcolm’s murder, there can be only one reasonable conclusion to be drawn from the Bureau’s conduct: that they knew exactly what happened at the Audubon Ballroom, and either facilitated it or criminally failed to prevent a capital crime from occurring. There is no statute of limitation on such crimes. The Justice Department’s statement that the limitations have passed is erroneous, because they do not allow for the possibility of either direct FBI involvement in the Malcolm’s murder, or criminal facilitation of murder, or homicide by depraved indifference, which is equivalent to murder. Yet the vast bulk of Black opinion strongly suspects one of these three murder scenarios involving the FBI. To dismiss these fact-based, reasonable suspicions out of hand amounts to a whitewash, 46 years after the crime.

Attorney General Holder, the top federal lawman, has no moral or legal right to arbitrarily absolve his Department of involvement in Malcolm’s death. What is already known of the FBI’s activities – including, and especially, the 1980 denial that it ever investigated Malcolm’s death – is grounds for ample suspicion for any reasonable person, on its face.

The Bureau also claims that Malcolm X’s murder was not a civil rights violation because the killers were Black. But the point is, millions of people suspect that the guys who pulled the strings for the hit, or who made the killers job easier, or who watched with satisfaction and did nothing, were white officers of the law. Attorney General Holder, and his boss in the White House, are determined to allow the question to remain buried, along with Malcolm – which makes them no better than J. Edgar Hoover.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaReport.com.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at Glen.Ford@BlackAgendaReport.com.

 Reprinted with permission from Black Agenda Report.

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