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Anti-Fracking Protests Force Chevron to Temporarily Suspend Shale Gas Drilling in Romania

Anti-Fracking Movement Goes Global
Anti-Fracking Movement Goes Global:
Top - protesters outside European Par-
liament (Photo: GreenSefa); Middle -
Fracking conference in Araba, Spain
(Poster: UKBERRI.NET); Bottom — Anti-
fracking protest in New York City
(Photo: CREDO).
Hundreds of protesters rallied Saturday in the northeastern Romanian village of Pungesti against plans by Chevron to drill for shale gas, leading the US energy giant to temporarily suspend activities there.

"Chevron go home", protesters chanted as they tore down barriers to briefly enter the site where Chevron intends to drill its first exploration well in Romania.

In a statement sent to AFP, Chevron said it "has suspended activities in Pungesti commune as a result of unsafe conditions generated by unlawful and violent protester activities."


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