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US Drone Attacks A Wedding Party in Yemen: 17 Reported Dead, Dozens Injured.

Predator Drone
Predator Drone. (Photo: Don DeBold)
Another devastating demonstration of the United States policy of Signature Strikes, where drones are used to kill people even when the United States has zero certainty of who the people are.  In this case 17 members of a wedding party in Yemen are annihilated while driving in a convoy. In a pitiful act of self-justification, the names of only two of the victims are provided to the media: Saleh al-Tays and Abdullah al-Tays — both alleged to be on a Yemeni government list of "wanted Al-Qaeda suspects." This is not the first time: the US has previously killed innocent civilians attending weddings, collecting scrap metal, harvesting crops, and even children gathering firewood.

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