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Survivor of US Drone Attack:
Obama Belongs on List of World's Tyrants

Poisoning Black Cities: Corporate Campaign to Ethnically Cleanse US Cities Massive Marches in Poland
Against Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right
Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis: Land Rights Activists Kidnapped and Tortured

Global Perspectives Now Global Perspectives Now

SHOCK & ADMIRATION: Some Amazing Offerings For Black History Month - Photos, Videos & Slideshows

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  • Malcolm X's Killer: FBI Knows Who He Is & Where He Lives
  • The 'Red Summer' of 1919: Racial Strife 
Across America
  • The Buffalo Soldiers' Army Mutiny of 1917
  • White Racist Coup d'état in Lousiana Results 
in The Coushatta Massacre in 1874
  • John Coltrane: Innovative Saxophonist Who Changed The Style & Sound of Jazz - Slide Show
  • Ethel Waters: Jazz & Blues Singer, Actor, 
Innovator, Activist
  • Ida B. Wells: First To Gather Statistical 
Records On US Lynchings
  • James Van Der Zee: Photographer Documents 
History & Culture of Blacks - Slide Show
  • Lena Baker: A Maid Executed in 1945 For 
Killing Her Abusive Employer - Pardoned in 2005
  • White Riot In East St. Louis Kills Up to 200 Blacks in 1917
  • George Stinney: 14-Year-Old Was Executed in 
1945 for the Murder of 2 Girls After a 2-Hour Trial
  • Katherine Dunham: Dancer, Cheoreographer, 
Anthropologist, Social Activist
  • Peter Salem: A Minuteman Who Fought at 
Bunker Hill in 1775 During The Revolutionary 
  • Wilma Rudolph: First American Woman To Win 3 
Gold Medals At Olympic Games
  • Louis Armstrong: One of The Greatest 
Musicians of the 20th Century
  • Dr. Ossian Sweet: Killed a White Supremacist 
Who Attacked His Home in 1925. Charges Were 
  • Gabriel Prosser: Hanged After Leading A 
Slave Rebellion in 1800 - Pardoned in 2007
  • Althea Gibson: First Black To Win Wimbledon 
Tennis Championship
  • Satchel Paige: A Baseball Great Who Became a 
Legend in His Own Lifetime
  • William Lee: George Washington's Slave Was 
By His Side Throughout The Revolutionary War
  • Josephine Baker: One of The First Female 
International Superstars of the 20th Century
  • The 1967 Rebellion: The 'Long Hot Summer' - 
Blacks Rise Up in 159 Cities
  • Marcus Garvey: Organizer and Pan-Africanist 
Who Emphasized Pride and Self-Reliance
  • Attica Rebellion: NY Governor Turns Prison-Wide Protest Into Wholesale Slaughter
  • New York City Draft Riots: Whites Rise Up 
Against Civil War Draft and Blacks in 1863
  • 17-Year Old Jonathan Jackson Tries To Break His
Brother, Activist George Jackson, Out of Prison - Slide 
Show, Pt 1
  • 17-Year Old Jonathan Jackson Tries To Break His
Brother, Activist George Jackson, Out of Prison - Slide 
Show, Pt 2
  • Assata Shakur: Former Black Panther & Black 
Liberation Army Member - Freed in Prison 
Break & Escaped to Cuba
  • Carter G. Woodson: Pioneer of Black History 

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