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Top AIDS Charity Caught Ripping Off AIDS Sufferers: Millions Raised by Gay Men's Health Crisis Spent on Rent, Not HIV Services - Raised $11.4 Million, Only $374K Went for AIDS

AIDS Walk, Phoenix, Oct. 2, 2011
AIDS Walk, Phoenix, Oct. 2, 2011: Were these people played for suckers?
(Photo by Taro the Shiba Inu)

By Mathew Katz
Of the millions of dollars raised every year through the AIDS Walk and other private donations, only a tiny fraction is spent on actually helping HIV-positive New Yorkers, DNAinfo New York has learned.

The rest pays for rent, executive salaries and administration costs for Gay Men's Health Crisis.

The oldest and largest AIDS service organization in the city expects to raise $11.4 million in donations this year — including $5.4 million from the popular AIDS Walk.

But only $374,000 of that money will go to HIV-postive and at-risk people, according to an analysis of GMHC's internal financial documents and multiple sources within the organization.

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