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Police Murder of Mentally Ill Homeless Man Sparks Citizen Rebellion in Albuquerque, New Mexico — Victim Camped In 'Unauthorized Area'

Police charge "commando style" at homeless and mentally ill James Boyd
Police charge "commando style" at homeless and mentally ill James Boyd just before shooting him dead. Police dogs,
stun guns, and bean bags were used on Boyd just before the fatal moment. Why the police didn't simply surround him
and wait him out is unknown. (Screen capture from YouTube video)

By Erik Ortiz
The killing of a mentally ill homeless man by New Mexico cops two weeks ago was caught on camera — a disturbing scene that became the flash point for Albuquerque residents already alarmed by a rise in police-involved shootings.

Tensions boiled over late Sunday as hundreds of protesters and cops in riot gear clashed on downtown streets.

But the unrest appears far from over: Online hacktivist collective Anonymous — no stranger to fomenting outrage — has pledged to keep a cyber spotlight on the Albuquerque Police Department’s problems.

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