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Possible Release of Traitor Raises Questions About US—Israel Alliance: Israel Presses For Release of Man Who Spied on America for In Return for Fake 'Peace Talks' — $3.5B in Annual Aid Not Enough?

Sign in support of traitor Jonathan Pollard in Jerusalem.
Sign in support of traitor Jonathan Pollard in Jerusalem. (Photo by upyernoz)

The US may consider releasing Jonathan Pollard, an American jailed for spying for Israel, in an bid to save the Middle East peace process, reports say.

The Obama administration appears to have begun considering the early release of Jonathan Pollard, an American serving a life sentence for spying for Israel, as it tries to nudge the Middle East peace process forward.

On Monday, U.S. officials conspicuously declined to comment on reports that Pollard’s release might be under consideration. Just days earlier, the State Department had issued flat denials after Israeli press reports that the idea was under discussion.

The shift in the official response suggested that – once again – the government might be looking at the early release of Pollard as a way to advance Mideast negotiations.

Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have repeatedly sought Pollard’s early release. Some U.S. officials believe that releasing him could ease the way for Netanyahu to accept negotiating steps the administration wants him to take, particularly the release of Palestinians convicted of terrorist acts.

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