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The Obama Presidency: The Refusal of Democrats to Recognize that They've 'Been Had'

Is this is the kind of presidency we got from Barack Obama, what should we expect from Hillary Clinton, who
ran to the right of Obama? ("Barack Obama - The Mask": Illustration by DonkeyHotey)

Obama is no progressive. He isn't even much of a liberal. He is an enormously gifted politician. Unfortunately, part of that gift-set is a phenomenal ability to deceive.

I am a Democrat, but I hold "Democratic" politicians to the same standards as I do ones who are self-professedly Republicans.

Sadly, only few Democrats do: they refuse to recognize that they voted for a Republican-at-heart in "progressive" sheep's clothing, a conservative who had pretended to be a progressive in order to win the Democratic Presidential nomination.

I learned about this closed-mindedness of liberals, by means of the reader-comments to my recent article at Huffington Post, "Obama: 'I Don't Care About the Public's Welfare'."

Respondents to it didn't challenge the facts that it summarized, which were damning in the view of any progressive -- and some even in the view of any non-fascist. Instead, these readers listed the good things that Obama has done as President, such as, "Rescuing the Auto Industry." Every President has done some good things. Such readers were simply refusing to believe that Obama is a liar and is at least as conservative as he is liberal. Instead, they diverted onto irrelevancies: onto the good things he has done, which have nothing to do with those bad things.

A real progressive doesn't avoid the truth, but instead faces and tries to understand the truth.

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