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Evacuation of 1000 Homes in Solvang, CA Lifted After Artillery Round Removed — Big Media Apparently Afraid To Ask Where Bomb Came From

Top: Artillery round discovered in Solvang, CA and disarmed
by a bomb squad. Bottom: Artillery rounds being used in
Afghanistan. Bombers often take the explosives out of artillery
rounds for use in smaller bombs.(Top Photo - Santa Barbara  County
Sheriff; Bottom Photo - US Army)

Residents in more than 1,000 homes who were evacuated from a Solvang neighborhood after a military ordnance was found nearby have been allowed to return home, officials announced early Thursday.
A military ordnance was found about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in Solvang’s picturesque business district in the 1600 block of Copenhagen Drive, sparking the mass evacuation. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department initiated its reverse-911 system, which called between 500 and 700 homes and businesses, including hotels, in the surrounding area ordering occupants to evacuate immediately.

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