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Facebook — The NSA Has Many Parallels in the Marketing World: Facebook To Track Your Travels Via 'Nearby Friends' and Provide Location Data to Advertisers

Screenshot of 'Nearby Friends' App
Screenshot of 'Nearby Friends' App.
Facebook has confirmed the data mined through the new Nearby Friends feature may one day be used for advertising and marketing purporses

The new tool, which is rolling out to iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks, allows users to share their location with select friends enabling pals to detect when they're in the locale and arrange meet ups offline.

At the time of the announcement on Thursday, Facebook made no mention of sharing the data with advertisers, which would have no doubt coloured the reaction to the feature.

Belatedly, a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed to TechCrunch: "At this time it's not being used for advertising or marketing, but in the future it will be."

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