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Jeb Bush — What is His Legacy?: Voter Roll Purging — Jeb Bush Was the Florida 'Point Man' In the Kidnapping of the 2000 Election for His Brother George Bush

Jep Bush Wants to be President: He thinks he can sucker
Latino voters into voting for him because he speaks Spanish
and that blacks will forget his racist voter purges.
(Illustration by DonkeyHotey)
By Ronald David Jackson
Jeb Bush:
While governor of Florida, he stole the 2000 Presidential Election for his brother George Bush by illegally purging thousands of eligible minority voters (mostly blacks) from the voting rolls.  Al Gore would have won Florida easily and thus would have won the 2000 election if these black citizens were not blocked from the ballot box. Republicans have accelerated their voter suppression efforts because of the bad example set by Jeb Bush.

Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Decribes How Blacks
Were Purged From Florida's Voting Rolls

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Jeb Bush’s Secret Weapon
94,000 people on a voter "purge" list -- half of them African-American -- continue to be banned from voting in Florida, even though the state knows the list is wildly inaccurate.

Jeb Bush’s Ugly Record On Minorities Back In The Spotlight
Let’s start in the year 2000, when Jeb Bush, then-Governor of Florida, managed to get 12,000 mostly-minority voters purged from the voting rolls in his state.  He did this by wrongly identifying these eligible voters as convicted felons.  As Ari Berman pointed out in Rolling Stone, Bush attempted to use this same technique in 2004 to give his brother Florida’s electoral votes, but public outcry prevented a second purge of minority voters.

A few years later, Bush set his sights on younger minority citizens, specifically third graders.  The state of Florida had been faced with a problem in their test scores for fourth grade students – they were falling significantly below an acceptable level for the state.  Rather than investing in textbooks or tutors or more teachers, Bush decided that the easiest thing to do would be to keep minority students out of the fourth grade.  He did this by forcing thousands of minority third grade students to repeat that grade, preventing them from “dragging down” the fourth graders’ test scores.


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