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Nigeria Losing To Islamist Terrorists? — Lets Schools, Churches, Bus Station Get Bombed: Army Claims 115 Kidnapped School Girls Freed — Army Lied

Members of "Islamist" Terror Group Boko Haram in one of their recruitment videos.

By Aminu Abubakar, Faith Karimi, and Josh Levs
Families of girls kidnapped from school by suspected Boko Haram militants are accusing the Nigerian military of lying. Despite the military's claims that nearly all the girls are now free, nearly all of them are still being held, the families said Thursday.

"We have been in grief for the past four days over the kidnap of our daughters and hoping the military would rescue them but to our greatest shock and disbelief the same military has resorted to blatant propaganda, claiming all but eight of our girls have been freed," said Lawan Zanna, father of one of the students. "This is a blatant lie."

Only 14 of the 129 students are free, he said.

Three girls escaped their captors Wednesday and were returned home by herdsmen, Zanna said. Some other girls escaped from a truck moments after the kidnapping, he said.

"For the military who is supposed to find and rescue our children to be spreading such lies shows that they have no intention of rescuing our girls."

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