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NOW It's Personal: San Francisco Protesters Are Targeting Tech Execs Individually, By Name

Protesters in San Francisco target Google. (Screen capture from YouTube video)
Protesters in San Francisco target Google. (Screen capture from YouTube video)

Jack Halprin. Kevin Rose. Greg Gopman. Peter Shih.

These names all have one thing in common. Protesters in San Francisco have picked them out personally, blaming them for the gentrification that is driving non-tech workers into less desirable neighborhoods.

They are all tech execs.

On Friday, Jack Halprin, a lawyer for Google, discovered a bunch of people waving banners outside an apartment building he owns, claiming he had evicted six tenants from the building under the Ellis Act, which allows landlords to kick people out if they want to sell or renovate the building.

Dozens of activists invaded his neighborhood [photos].

The week before, protesters showed up outside the house of Digg founder Kevin Rose, singling him out as "a meta-leech funding and profiting off the gentrification of San Francisco, [so] we chose to bring the class war to his doorstep on our own terms."

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