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Texas Day Care Center Bans 3-Year-Old Girl Over One Curse Word: So-called 'Development Center' Provided Little in the Way of Development

The 3-year-old preschooler and the daycare director
The 3-year-old preschooler and the daycare director: Fascinating the extent to which some so-called "Christians"
are self-righteous and unforgiving. (Screen capture from video)

This toddler was shown the door for the one time she swore.

A Texas mom thinks it's bull that her 3-year-old girl was expelled from the Jubilee Child Development Center in San Antonio for saying "sh-t," WOAI reported.

"I don't condone her saying it but for that to be a faith-based day care, I would think that they would reinforce and let her know that's not a word to say," Cassandra Wright told the local station.

Wright said she doesn't use that word at home and isn't quite sure how little Arianna heard it in the first place. She even doubts whether she knows what it means.

"I asked her what word did you say and she told me 'animal,'" she said.

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