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Ukraine Coup Leaders' Attempt To Squash Pro-Russians in East Losing Momentum: Soldiers Switch Sides, Join Pro-Russia Militants

Ukraine soldiers sent by the government's coup leaders head east to confront pro-
Russia militants. Some arrived in the east waving pro-Russia flags. (Screen capture
from CNN Video)

By Ralph Ellis, Laura Smith-Spark and Tim Lister
Ukraine's attempt to take back eastern towns from pro-Russian militants appeared to stall on Wednesday.

In Donetsk, six armored vehicles sent into the nearby city of Kramatorsk in the morning later showed up carrying Russian flags in Slaviansk.

Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told CNN's Christiane Amanpour those Ukrainian soldiers "preferred to switch sides and join the people." Ukraine's Defense Ministry said the vehicles had been seized by militants.

In Slaviansk, north of Kramatorsk and about 100 miles from the border with Russia, pro-Russian militants now appear to be firmly in control of the town, according to CNN's Nick Paton Walsh on the ground.

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