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"Everything You've Been Told About the 'Common Core' Curriculum is a Lie": Federal, State and Local Education Specialists Had Little Input — Its An Initiative Funded by Bill Gates to Create Compliant, Dumbed Down Citizens — Video

"Common Core"
  •  It is not a state initiative
  •  It was not developed by educators
  •  It is not going to better prepare students for college or real world applications
  •  It is part of a long process of using the education system to mold students into more obedient workers

The "Common Core" curriculum' is in fact little more than a mass social experiment which uses inner-city students as guinea pigs. Federal, state and local government representatives had little input into its development. It arrived as a virtually complete package from corporate America and is funded mainly by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It's true goal?: To create compliant, dumbed down workers for corporations.

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