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PETA is a Terrible, No Good Organization — Here's More Proof

By Amanda Marcotte
I often wonder if PETA exists solely to be a bunch of assholes while pretending to “care” about animals.* Their latest effort to try to bully people into veganism:


This is reprehensible. I’m personally a vegetarian and do try to eat vegan frequently, so let’s be clear, I don’t have an anti-vegan agenda here. There are strong ethical arguments regarding the obvious and undeniable suffering of animals that is created by our heavy meat consumption. Our health and the planet’s health would definitely be better if more people cut back on meat and animal products.** So this is not about that.

What is is about is that lying to people like this is not okay and trying to scare them with lies is pure evil. I’m not making some rigid Kantian statement here, to be clear. I’m not saying lying is never okay. Feel free to tell the Nazis you’re not hiding Jews in your attic when you are. (In fact, please do.) Hell, feel free to tell some sex pest in a bar you have a boyfriend if that’s what it will take to get him to leave you alone. Say, “Everything’s fine!” to someone who asks when you know they don’t actually care about your troubles and tribulations.

But injecting lies into political discourse, particularly to avoid actually trying to persuade people in favor of just scaring them into doing what you want, is beyond the pale. If you can’t make your case honestly, consider the possibility that you don’t have a case.

The attempt to link autism and dairy is based on discredited studies, according to The Wire:

The problem — other than the offensive play on the “Got Milk?” slogan — is that the research available has been discredited by at least two independent overviews. A 2010 overview by the University of Texas at Austin of 14 studies on the link between autism and casein- and gluten-free diets found that the “overall study quality was poor” and only the least scientific studies implied the diet improved behavior. Two additional overviews from 2008 and April 2014 found similar results and called for a large scale, good quality randomized survey — PETA cites a study with a grand total of 20 participants.

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