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The 'Common Core' Curriculum: Is it a Sham Designed to Increase Inequity? — A Comon Core Math Lesson Raises Serious Questions

Common Core Illustration from amerigus
Illustration from amerigus.
Can You Solve For 32-12 the 'Common Core' Way? — Probably Not

By Heather Callaghan
No, this is not one of those "Jay Walking" or Mark Dice videos that expose the ignorance of your average adult American. No, no - quite the opposite.
This is what happened when Caleb Bonham asked George Mason University students and teachers to solve the simple equation above:

Did you follow the sequence in this nearly 10-step problem? Did it make sense and would you be able to solve? But this is exactly the way that many elementary schools students are expected to solve a simple subtraction that many adults can do in their heads within seconds.
Comedian Louis C.K. made headlines recently with his Tweets about Common Core. He brought the conversation into the mainstream arena after stating that his daughters used to like math, but Common Core curriculum made them cry. It's not the first instance of a child crying during homework, as you might imagine.

Did you know that the major college tests like the SAT are now aligned with Common Core?

But how can this be when students now entering college have not even had a Common Core education?

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