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Anti-Israel Protest in London Draws 150,000: Demonstrators Demand End to 'Massacre' in Gaza and Arms Trade With Israel

Screen capture from YouTube video.

By Natasha Culzac
Thousands of people opposed to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza have taken to the streets in London in a mass demonstration to try and intensify pressure on the British government.

Arranged by a compendium of anti-war campaigners and religious organizations, the march, from the BBC’s headquarters near Oxford Circus to Hyde Park, was claimed by organizers to have had as many as 150,000 in attendance.

The Met Police told The Independent that it was entirely peaceful and no arrests were made. The force would not confirm how many people it estimated had taken part.

Protesters’ traveled past the US Embassy en route to the central London park, waving “Free Palestine” placards and flags, while chanting that the Israeli offensive is a “massacre.”

Vocal opponents of Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, including Lib Dem MP David Ward and Labor politician Jeremy Corbyn, also took part in the protests.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, one of the core organizers of the event, said in a statement yesterday that it wants the march to bring a stop to UK military and industrial collaboration with Israel.

“[The demonstration] will increase the pressure on the British Government to introduce an immediate arms embargo on the State of Israel,” it said.

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