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Britain's Most Influential Muslim Member of Government Resigns Cabinet Position Over UK's Lackluster Response to Israel's Gaza Massacre

Baronness Sayeeda Warsi. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)
Baronness Sayeeda Warsi. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Senior Foreign Office Minister and Minister for Faith and Communities Baroness Sayeeda shocked Prime Minister David Cameron by tendering her resignation from the cabinet on Tuesday morning in protest at “morally indefensible” UK government policy on Israel’s aggression on Gaza.

By Murtaza Ali Shah
Warsi, Britain’s most influential Muslim politician, the first Muslim woman to serve in the cabinet and the first Muslim woman to lead the Conservative Party, announced she “can no longer support the government policy on Gaza”.

In her extraordinary resignation letter, which Warsi also posted online, she claimed she could not “live with myself” for the decisions she was being asked to support and called on the UK government to put arms embargo on the State of Israel.

Sayeeda Warsi stressed that she supported the right of Israel to exist but Israel’s carnage in Gaza and the killings of over 1,800 Palestinians within a month could never be justified, no matter what.

Warsi, who is the daughter of Pakistani immigrants and a fluent Urdu speaker, is highly regarded in all sections of the British society and widely respected within the three million strong British Muslim community as well as amongst the wider Asian communities. It was due to her appeal amongst the minority communities that she was chosen to front the Tory party to attract the disaffected classes of the society.

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