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Israel Lied About Soldier's 'Kidnapping': Wanted Pretext for Killing More Civilians in Gaza — Now Admits Soldier Was Killed in Battle

Israel Stop the Bombing - Photo by Takver.
Photo by Takver.
The Israeli army on Sunday announced the death of Hadar Goldin, a soldier who had been declared missing, as Israel continued to pound the Gaza Strip killing 35 on Sunday alone.

A special committee led by the army's chief rabbi said Lieutenant Goldin had been "killed in battle in the Gaza Strip on Friday," the Israeli armed forces said in a statement.

Military radio said that no body had been recovered, adding that this made the decision to announce Goldin's death a "very delicate" one.

There was no government word on the whereabouts of the soldier's remains.

Israel had previously said the soldier had been captured in battle, and in the wake of the announcement launched the deadliest 24-hour assault on Gaza since the beginning of the 27-day operation that has killed more than 1,700 Palestinians.

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