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Leader of Republican Party Imploding: Rush Limbaugh Loses 4 Radio Stations in 3 Weeks!

Photo Credit: via YouTube
Photo Credit: via YouTube

By Leslie Salzillo
Rush Limbaugh can't catch a break. And for the life of me, I can't understand why he doesn't just retire now, so he and his self-proclaimed 'dittoheads' can move forward thinking it was his idea to leave public radio. Instead, he takes hit after hit, as if he actually believes he can survive the onslaught of continuous protest, failures, and condemnation. Four stations this month have now reported flushing rush for something better, and really, anything is better.

The latest radio station to dump Limbaugh is WSJM in St. Joseph, Michigan. AllAccess.comreports:

WSJM-A-F/St. Joseph, MI To Split Simulcast, AM To Go Sports

August 21, 2014 at 4:21 AM (PT)

MID-WEST FAMILY News-Talk WSJM-A-F/ST. JOSEPH, MI will split its simulcast on Monday (August 25, 2014), with the FM remaining News-Talk and the AM flipping to Sports using Fox Sports Radio.

WSJM Sports Dir. and weekend "The Coaches" co-host Phil McDonald said that while the station will air FSR, "there is going to be a ton of local sports content all day long … it's going to be unbelievable how much more attention we can give to local high school sports, Lake Michigan College sports, other Michigan colleges like UofM (University of Michigan), MSU (Michigan State University), Grand Valley…."

Earlier in the week, Limbaugh lost a station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. On August 7th, Tkirkland/Daily Kos, reported a Pittsburgh radio station flipped the switch on Limbaugh. And finally on August 1st, FlushFools/Daily Kos reported the California radio station, KROP, ditched Rush and switched to country music after '90% of their sponsors' were run off by StopRush/Boycotters.

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