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'Manual Scavenging': India's 'Lower Castes' Forced Into and Kept In Dirtiest Jobs — Cleaning Excrement (Report)

Photo from HRW. 
Photo from HRW.
A new report documents the coercive nature of manual scavenging. Across India, castes that work as “manual scavengers” collect human excrement on a daily basis, and carry it away in cane baskets for disposal. Women from this caste usually clean dry toilets in homes, while men do the more physically demanding cleaning of sewers and septic tanks. The report describes the barriers people face in leaving manual scavenging, including threats of violence and eviction from local residents but also threats, harassment, and unlawful withholding of wages by local officials.

"Manual Scavenging": Caste, and Discrimination in India - Full Report

Reprinted with permission from Human Rights Watch.

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