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Cops Kill Man in Japanese Anime Costume With A 'Decorative Sword': Man Shot Four Times In Back

Cop  claims he "felt threatened" when Darrien Hunt "charged him" and "swung a sword" as he got out of the patrol car. But a photo taken by a bystander shows Hunt smiling as he talked to two officers, says a lawyer for Hunt's family.

Darrien Hunt.
Darrien Hunt.
A black man who was shot by Utah police while armed with a samurai-style sword as part of a Japanese anime costume died of multiple gunshot wounds, including several in the back of his body, according to an autopsy released Tuesday.

The state autopsy documents six gunshot wounds on the body of 22-year-old Darrien Hunt and finds at least four of the shots entered his body from behind.

That generally confirms the results of an independent autopsy released by his family, who said Hunt was treated differently because he was black.

Cops appear to change the "he attacked when the officer got out of the patrol car" narrative found in the autopsy documents — after a photo surfaces that reportedly shows the victim smiling as he talked to two officers.

A narrative in the autopsy states an officer fired three shots when Darrien Hunt charged at him, swinging the sword, as the officer got out of his car. Darrien Hunt ran away and police fired four more times as they chased him, the report says. The autopsy found no drugs in his system.

An attorney for the Hunt family, Robert Sykes, disputed the officers' account, saying a picture taken by a bystander shows Hunt smiling as he talked to two officers.

Tim Taylor, chief deputy at the Utah County Attorney's Office, said Tuesday that Hunt talked to officers after they arrived, asking them for a ride.

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