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FBI Conducting Preemptive Arrests of Activists in Ferguson: FBI Arrests "Activists" in So-Called "Sting" — Claim They Tried to Obtain Guns and Explosives

The arrests appear to be part of an FBI entrapment operation and the charge appear to be trumped up. Law enforcement officials have referred to the "operation" against the two individuals as a "sting" and say the charges against the "activists" were meant to "take them out of the rotation" of leadership in Ferguson. Both individuals were said to be members of the "Black Panthers."

Olajuwon Davis (left) and Brandon Baldwin. (Davis' image screen captured from YouTube video, Baldwin's image from Facebook)

By Mike Levine, James Hill, and Ben Candea
Federal authorities in Missouri charged two men with lying on forms to purchase guns ahead of the grand jury decision in the police shooting of Michael Brown.

Olajuwon Davis and Brandon Baldwin only faced those charges as of late Friday, but sources told ABC News that authorities were looking into whether they tried to acquire ready-made explosives and other weapons ahead of the decision, which is expected soon.

CBS News Report Says Arrests Were Part of an FBI "Sting Operation"

The two men are believed to be associated with radical groups and the charges that were filed were intended to "take them out of the rotation," said one source.

Neither man had a lawyer listed on court documents. The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives played a part in the arrest.

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