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Did Cop Who Killed Michael Brown Have History of Lying & Abuse?: Video Suggests He Lied in Police Report About Arrest of Man Who Video Taped Him (Video)

Darren Wilson doesn't like to be video taped.

Darren Wilson: "...Take a picture of me one more time, I'm a lock your ass up."
Mike Arman: "Sir, do I not have the right to record?" — Darren Wilson: "No you don't."


The video seems to tell a different story from what Darren Wilson
provided in his police report

Excerpt from Darren Wilson's police report of the incident leading to arrest of man who video taped him.

1) Darren Wilson did not advise the individual that a voice recording would be acceptable.

2) The individual did not have his camera in Darren Wilson's face.

3) The individual was not ordered to get off the porch and place his hands behind his back before he was arrested.

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