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Israel's Supremacist Moves In Jerusalem Provoked Palestinian Attacks — Angry Government Promises Vicious New Measures if Palestinians Won't Lay Down

Israel's prime minister suggests Palestinians should ethnically cleanse themselves if they don't like the way Israel discriminates against them and snatches their property: "Go live in West Bank or Gaza!"  — Why? So they can be easily isolated bombed?

Netanyahu gives Obama the middle finger.

By Jeffrey Heller
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday publicly challenged Israeli Arabs protesting against a deadly police shooting in one of their villages to go and live under Palestinian rule in the West Bank and Gaza.


Three Israeli soldiers in the West Bank are run over by a vehicle driven by a
Palestinian; Israeli commuters are run down by a vehicle driven
by a Palestinian in Jerusalem


Ahmed Tibi, a prominent Arab legislator, said the comments - some of the most biting Netanyahu has directed at the country's Arab minority - showed the right-wing Likud party leader had "gone off the rails."

Rock-throwing protests have erupted in several Arab communities in Israel since police on Saturday shot dead an Arab man who attacked their vehicle. Police are investigating allegations he was killed after walking away from the officers.

"To all those who are demonstrating and shouting their denunciation of Israel and support of a Palestinian state, I can say one simple thing: you are invited to move there - to the Palestinian Authority or to Gaza," Netanyahu said.
"I can promise you the State of Israel will not put any obstacles in your way," he told a meeting with Likud legislators.
Arabs make up about 20 percent of the Jewish state's eight million population.

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