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US Assassinates French 'Bomb Maker Working With Al Qaeda Offshoot': David Drugeon Reportedly Bombed in Syria

The killing of 24-year-old Drugeon called a "big win" for US "counter-terrorism"

David Daoud Drugeon (R) posing with his family. (courtesy of Drugeon family)
David Daoud Drugeon (R) posing with his family. (courtesy of Drugeon family)
US air raids in Syria overnight targeted and likely killed a French bombmaker who was a key figure in an Al-Qaeda offshoot accused of plotting attacks on the West, a defense official said on Thursday (Nov 6).

David Drugeon was a Muslim convert suspected of working with Al-Qaeda veterans in what Washington calls the Khorasan group, which American officials say is a dangerous militant outfit planning to attack the United States and other Western countries.

US officials have portrayed Drugeon, 24, as a dangerous figure and his death was touted as a serious setback for the Khorasan group. "He was among the targets," a senior US defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity told AFP. "We think we got him." But it will take time to confirm his death with absolute certainty, particularly as there are no US troops deployed on Syrian soil, the official added.

A military officer also expressed confidence that Drugeon was probably killed and said the operation represented a success for Washington's counter-terrorism efforts. "This is a big win," said the officer, who asked not to be named.

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