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Woman Raped On Hood of Patrol Car by 'Officer of the Month' — And Many Other Cases of Sex Abuse at the Hands of Police

Officer Stephen Maiorino.
Officer Stephen Maiorino.
By BlackListedNews
A Boynton Beach (FL) police officer offered a stranded 20-year-old girl a ride home and instead brought her to an empty field and brutally raped her.

Officer Stephen Maiorino, 35, was charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior last week after police discovered his disgusting actions on the night of October 15.

The victim, a 20-year-old woman, was left stranded downtown after a friend she was riding with was arrested on DUI charges. According to the police report Maiorino offered the young woman a ride to the station so she could wait for someone to pick her up.

At this point a waking nightmare began for the young woman in Maiorino’s car. Maiorino did drive her to the police station, but when she tried to get out of the car, he grabbed her and told her that if she didn’t perform oral sex on him, he would arrest her, according to the police report.

Obviously fearful of this psycho cop, she agreed and the officer drove off 20 blocks north of the department, which is located near the intersection of Seacrest and Boynton Beach boulevards, to an abandoned field.

Maiorino then held the young woman at gunpoint and forced her to strip naked. He then forced her to the hood of his car and raped her. She said she was face down, held in place on the hood with his right hand. During the assault, she told police, she looked back at her attacker and saw the gun in his left hand.

Investigators found the condom Maiorino used to rape the woman in the field the next day.

According to the report, when this disgusting excuse for a human was finished raping the woman, he told her that if she told anyone, he would kill her and her family.

Palm Beach Post reports that over the radio in his car, officers asked where he and the woman were: They said the woman’s family was at the station waiting to take the 20 year old home. According to radio logs from that day, almost an hour had passed since he made the initial contact with dispatch that he was on his way to drop the woman off to wait for her family.

The eight-year veteran is on administrative leave without pay until he can be fired from the department, Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz said during a news conference at police

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Cop Shares Nude Photos He Stole From Female Suspects With Other Officers: Weirdo cop confessed he and other cops have been playing this "game" for years.

Sean Harrington. (Screen capture from video)
Sean Harrington. (Screen capture from video)
By Tom Boggioni
A California Highway Patrol officer accused of stealing nude photos from the cell phones of DUI suspects has told investigators he and other officers have been doing it for several years.

According to documents acquired by the Contra-Costa Times, CHP Officer Sean Harrington, who was accused of stealing photos earlier this week, confessed to stealing explicit photos from the cellphone of a second Contra Costa County DUI suspect in August and sharing them with fellow officers, describing it as a “game.”

Harrington told investigators he has been stolen photos “half dozen times in the last several years,” forwarding them with leering text messages to fellow officer Officer Robert Hazelwood.
The investigation into Harrington began following an Aug. 29 arrest of the San Ramon woman who discovered photos had been stolen from her phone five days after her release, when she noticed on her iPad that the photos had been sent to an unknown number.

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Alabama Cop Charged With Adult Rape Two Weeks After Child Sex Abuse Arrest — Was Out On Bond

Joshua Herbinger.
By Carol Robinson
A Birmingham police officer arrested earlier this month on child sex abuse charges is now charged with rape of an adult woman.
Joshua Herbinger, 29, was arrested in Alabaster Monday, said Alabaster Police Chief Curtis Rigney. It is the second arrest for Herbinger in Alabaster, and Rigney said more charges could follow.


In the earlier case, Herbinger was arrested Oct. 9 after a young female victim reported the abuse to the School Resource Officer at her school. The chief said the victim is not related to Herbinger. The abuse, police said, is reported to have happened over the past two to three years.

Herbinger was charged with four counts of sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old. He was released from jail on $80,000 in that case. He is set to have a hearing on the child sex abuse charges Nov. 5.

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White Cop Arrested for Raping Black Women During Traffic Stops — At Least Eight Victims Come Forward

Police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is accused of sexually abusing women while on duty. (Photo by Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department)
Police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is accused of sexually abusing women while on duty.
(Photo by
Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department)
By Ken Miller

"Family and friends rallied and posted his bond this (Friday) morning," said the attorney for the accused

An Oklahoma City police officer charged with sexually assaulting at least eight women was released on $500,000 bond Friday two days after his bond was reduced from $5 million, even though a prosecutor said he was a danger to the community.

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, was released...on several conditions, according to Oklahoma County jailers and his attorney. He is under house arrest and can go only to court and his attorney's office. He must turn in his police gear, guns and badge and is prohibited from contacting any alleged victims.

He successfully petitioned on Wednesday to have his bond reduced.

Holtzclaw was arrested Aug. 21 and later charged with 16 felony counts that include first-degree rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure, stalking, forcible oral sodomy and burglary. He could face up to life in prison if convicted on the first-degree rape charge alone.

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Oklahoma State Trooper Charged With Kidnapping and Rape: He Was Still on Paid Leave Two Months After Accusations Were Made

Accused Rapist: Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer Eric Roberts.
Accused Rapist: Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer Eric Roberts.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested a state trooper...on complaints of kidnapping, rape and other crimes after three women alleged the officer sexually assaulted them while he was on duty.

Trooper Eric Roberts, 42, was arrested at his home in Sapulpa and taken to the Creek County jail. He was released Monday afternoon after posting $66,000 bail.

An internal investigation into Roberts began after a woman called the patrol on July 23 and reported that Roberts raped her after pulling over her vehicle, said Col. Rick Adams, chief of the Highway Patrol.

“This is obviously not a pleasant discussion for us to have, but we think it’s very important ... that the public has confidence in us knowing that we police our own,” Adams said. “This particular matter sickens us as an agency.”

Roberts has been suspended since July 24, when he was forced to turn over his gun and badge, and the patrol has started proceedings to fire him, Adams said.

Roberts’ attorney, Gary James, said his client is innocent.

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Yet Another Oklahoma Law Officer Arrested for Sexual Assault

Tulsa County Deputy Gerald Nuckolls. (Tulsa County Jail)
Tulsa County Deputy Gerald Nuckolls. (Tulsa County Jail)
By. Justin Juozapavicious
An Oklahoma sheriff's deputy resigned...after two women said he sexually assaulted them at a Tulsa County home while he was on duty, a case that comes on the heels of a state trooper and an Oklahoma City police officer being arrested on sexual assault complaints.

Tulsa County Deputy Gerald Nuckolls, 26, was arrested late Tuesday on complaints of sexual assault and battery and indecent exposure. He remained jailed on $125,000 bond Wednesday. It's not clear from jail records whether Nuckolls has an attorney.

Undersheriff Tim Albin said Nuckolls resigned after being placed on unpaid leave. Nuckolls hasn't been formally charged, and authorities believe there could be at least five more women who have yet to come forward.

"It's been a real punch in the gut for us," Albin said at a news conference. "There's a real sense of betrayal for us on this."

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The Best Way To Avoid Getting Raped By Cops?: Don't Commit Crime — Says Highway Patrol Official

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. George Brown. ((KJRH)
Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. George Brown. ((KJRH)

By David Edwards
An Oklahoma Highway Patrol official reportedly told women that the best way not to get raped by an officer was to “follow the law.”

In recent months, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer and an Oklahoma City Police officer have been accused of repeatedly raping women, often during traffic stops.

After a Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy was arrested last week for sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a 911 call, Tulsa NBC News affiliate KJRH decided to ask the Oklahoma Highway Patrol how to stay safe during a traffic stop.


The KJRH anchor said that [Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. George] Brown concluded with this advice: “The captain says anything that happens inside a troopers car is videotaped, and he says that supervisors do review those tapes.”

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