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Soon After Cops Murdered a Man Buying a Toy Gun in Wal-Mart — They Terrorized His Girlfriend and Threatened Her With Prosecution (Video)

A video shows a detective accusing Tasha Thomas of lying and threatening her with jail during an interrogation. Her boyfriend, John Crawford, was murdered in Wal-Mart by cops after a crank caller claimed he was pointing a gun at customers. The gun was a pellet gun which Crawford intended to purchase. Video later showed Crawford didn't point the toy gun at anyone.  It should be noted that Ohio is a so-called "open carry" state where residents are "allowed" to carry guns out in the open. Apparently the "open carry" law was meant only for whites.—Ronald David Jackson

Tasha Thomas is bullied and threatened by Detective Rodney Curd soon after the trauma of her boyfriends murder.

By Jon Swaine
Police aggressively questioned the tearful girlfriend of a young black man they had just shot dead as he held a BB gun in an Ohio supermarket – accusing her of lying, threatening her with jail, and suggesting that she was high on drugs.

Tasha Thomas was reduced to swearing on the lives of her relatives that John Crawford III had not been carrying a firearm when they entered the Walmart in Beavercreek, near Dayton, to buy crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars on the evening of 5 August.
“You lie to me and you might be on your way to jail,” detective Rodney Curd told Thomas, as she wept and repeatedly offered to take a lie-detector test. After more than an hour and a half of questioning and statement-taking, Curd finally told Thomas that Crawford, 22, had died.
“As a result of his actions, he is gone,” said the detective, as she slumped in her chair and cried.

Crawford had been shot by police officer Sean Williams, after a customer called 911 and claimed the 22-year-old was pointing a gun at passersby. Surveillance footage released later showed Crawford picking up the BB rifle from a shelf, wandering the aisles and occasionally swinging the gun at his side while he spoke on his cellphone to his ex-girlfriend.

John Crawford III: Murdered by police in Walmart for carrying a pellet gun he was
A 94-minute police video recording, released to the Guardian by the office of Mike DeWine, the Ohio attorney general, in response to a public records request, shows Thomas, 26, being interviewed by Curd after she was driven from Walmart to the Beavercreek police department. Curd later told investigators he had not yet been told Crawford only had a BB gun that had been on sale at the store.

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