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When This White Cop Hater Ambushed Two Police Officers — The Police Unions Were Silent: The Killer Glorified as a 'Self-Styled Cold War Soldier'

In this strange article, the killer is talked about admiringly.  He plotted the murder of police officers, ambushed them, killing one. Yet he's described not as a defacto terrorist but as a "would be terrorist".

Eric Frein


The capture of Eric Frein: How a self-styled Cold War soldier finally tripped up

By Patrik Jonsson,
His FBI “Most Wanted” mugshot could be spotted as far away as the New York City subway. But it turns out Eric Frein, the alleged cop-assassin who eluded capture for 48 days in the Pocono Mountains, never left his old stomping grounds before being captured by US marshals around dinner-time Thursday.


So impenetrable are the woods that searchers might have missed Frein even if he was hunkered only 20 feet away. Caves course through the Pocono granite, many on brush-covered hillsides. Dogs, thermal-imaging cameras and armed-to-the-hilt officers were all focused on the search – yet Frein, who was spotted several times, stayed frustratingly out of reach.


Police have questioned Frein, but haven’t disclosed any motive beyond generalities about alleged anti-police and anti-government views.

Frein has an unusual hobby. He often played realistic war games wearing a Cold War era Serbian Army uniform, and some said he particularly relished the Drina Wolves, a notorious Serbian paramilitary regiment that committed atrocities during the Yugoslavian civil war in the 1990s. In one of his discovered caches, police found Frein’s brand of Serbian cigarettes.

Such infatuation with violent groups is common among would-be terrorists, Gregg McCrary, a retired FBI profiler, told the Scranton, Pa., Times-Tribune. Such people attach themselves to ideologies that "morally justifies homicide ...," Mr. McCrary told the paper.

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