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Deranged Right-Wingers Harass and Threaten All Who Criticize Hollywood's Latest Pro Military Propaganda Pic — 'American Sniper'

The movie is based on the book "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle. Kyle was sued by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura who claimed a passage in the book was untrue and defamed him. Ventura was awarded $1.8 million by a jury.

Screen capture from "American Sniper" trailer.
Screen capture from "American Sniper" trailer.

Two journalists, Rania Khalek and Max Blumenthal, have become the target of death threats and online harassment from conservatives and Tea Party supporters for their criticism of the pro-Iraq War film American Sniper.

Khalek wrote on Friday that she and Blumenthal had aired their grievances with the film, which they see as glorifying the U.S. invasion of Iraq and lionizing a bloodthirsty killer who boasted of his pleasure in gunning down some 160 to 250 Iraqi “savages” during the height of the war.
This “kicked off an endless flood in our Twitter mentions of outraged rightwing military worshippers who’ve whipped themselves into a hateful frenzy out of blind obedience to a mass killer,” Khalek said.

Chris Kyle, the film’s title character and author of the memoir American Sniper, gloried in his role as an unseen killer of Iraqi civilians of all ages.

On Christmas, the film’s opening day, Blumenthal took to Twitter, writing:
Khalek followed up:
Blumenthal continued:
Kyle was gunned down at a shooting range on Feb. 2, 2013 by a veteran with PTSD who Kyle and an associate thought would benefit from a trip to a Texas firing range. Both Kyle and fellow veteran Chad Littlefield were shot dead by ex-Marine Eddie Ray Routh, who is currently in custody.
Even by his death at 38, however, many of Kyle’s stories had begun to come apart under scrutiny.
Michelle Malkin’s Twitter aggregation site Twitchy.com published a piece blasting Khalek and Blumenthal as “American Psychos,” far-left kooks trying to tarnish the memory of a great American.
Blumenthal and Khalek were then flooded with death threats and harassment.

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