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Cop Who Attacked Female Subway Conductor Is Called a 'Hulking Brute' by Media — Until They Discover He's a Cop

Officer Mirjan Lolja apparently went berserk when discovered his train would be late, eventually knocking down and choking a female conductor before running away. Lolja is now known as "The Smirking Bully." (Screen capture from
YouTube video)
Officer Mirjan Lolja has been suspended without pay. No word on whether Lolja was arrested, booked, or whether any bail was set.—Ronald David Jackson


By MichiganStandard
A New York Daily News piece told the story of a man who assaulted a 28-year-old female
transit worker at a New York City subway station. The man—a “thug” and a “hulking brute,” according to NYDN—grabbed her, hugged her, knocked her on the ground, and began choking her before another MTA employee chased him away.

Then this narrative underwent a curious transformation. In a subsequent story, editors abandoned the frightening descriptors and reframed the tale in the passive voice. No longer had “a hulking brute grabbed a 28-year-old MTA employee.” Rather, the MTA employee “was allegedly put into a bear hug.”

What changed? Authorities IDed the perp—and discovered he was a cop.
The hilarious coda to this story is the treatment of this story in the news by the New York Daily News. Here’s the headline from the story they wrote before they knewthat the culprit was a police officer:
Thug attacks female MTA employee at Bronx train station:
cops (video)

And here’s the lede of that story:
“A hulking brute grabbed a 28-year-old MTA employee up in a bear hug at a Bronx train station, shoved her onto the platform and began choking her in an unprovoked attack – then ran away smiling, authorities said Wednesday.”

Here’s the story after they found out that the culprit was a police officer:
NYPD cop turns himself in for attacking female MTA

 And here’s the lede of that story:
“Police Officer Mirjan Lolja, 37, was suspended after the assault in which the Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker — who was on-duty and in her uniform — was allegedly put into a bear hug, thrown to the floor and choked, cops said.”
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