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House GOP Votes To Dump Millions of Undocumented Immigrants: Merely Trolling for Right-Wing Voters — Since Obama Would Veto Bill

Photo by takomabibelot.
By Jeremy W. Peters
The House on Wednesday voted to undo major provisions of President Obama’s immigration policy, approving legislation that would revoke legal protections for millions of undocumented immigrants. The vote drew outrage from Democrats and led more than two dozen Republicans, many worried about the perception that their party is hostile to immigrants, to break away.

The most contentious measures in the bill will most likely die in the Senate, where Democrats have said they will wage a filibuster and some Republicans are likely to join in opposition. The White House has said President Obama will not sign any bill that blocks his executive actions on immigration.

But the action in the House on Wednesday was a glimpse into how the new Republican-led Congress will navigate the divisive debate over the president’s immigration actions as lawmakers struggle to reach a compromise on funding the Department of Homeland Security. The department will run out of money at the end of February, and Republicans have said they will use the appropriations process as their vehicle for dismantling Mr. Obama’s directives.

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