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Revlon CEO Sued For Anti-Semitic, Racist Comments: Suggests Blacks 'Smell Bad' — Ridicules Jews

Former Jewish employee cites CEO's anti-Semitic and racist behavior

Photo by Mike Mozart.
Photo by Mike Mozart.
In ugly news from the beauty industry, Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani is reportedly a bigoted company head who, among other egregious statements, has said that he can “smell” black people as soon as they enter a room.

According to court documents obtained by the New York Post, Delpani is being sued by Alan Meyers, an ex-top-scientist for Revlon who claims he was shunned and ridiculed for his Jewish heritage. Delpani took the reins at Revlon in 2013; Meyers was fired last month.

Some of Delpani’s other alleged comments, as described by the Post:

Delpani, a native of Italy, told Meyers he was “shocked” there weren’t more Jews at the company because the biggest shareholder is Ron Perelman, a prominent Jewish American, according to the suit.

“Jews stick together,” Delpani quipped. He also allegedly added that “thankfully,” Perelman “is not like that anymore.”

Delpani also said that he hates living among Americans, whom he called “small-minded” and “dirty,” and that he can’t wait to get back to a “real” country, according to court papers filed this week.

He later allegedly went on an “anti-American tirade” in which he said the US is getting closer to being like ISIS.

Meyers also claims Delpani made a racist comment after a meeting in South Africa, when he said he “could smell a black person when he entered a room.”

In a particularly odd and nauseating turn, Meyers describes an incident in which he was made to hold an easel during an important business presentation; the easel covered his entire upper body and his head, and he had to stand there for half an hour.

The Post reached a Revlon spokeswoman, who dismissed Meyers as “a disgruntled employee” who was fired for not being good enough at his job.

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