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This Is What Synthetic Terrorism Looks Like: FBI 'Thwarts Terror Plot' on Capitol — That They Planned

FBI Tracks and Entraps Fake 'Terror Threat' Since November — Decide To Arrest Him During France's Terror Hysteria

By Eric Blair, Activist Post
The FBI is at it again. Creating fake terror plots to justify their existence. And this plot hits on all the themes one would expect from a good fake terror plot.

The FBI initially found a patsy by trolling Twitter for support of ISIS. That’s exciting because finding someone retarded enough to admit support for murderers is really difficult. Then they sent an in-house jihadist to team up with the patsy to plan a grand terror attack on the nation’s Capitol.

Heroically, the moment the 20-year-old patsy said he would “go forward with violent jihad” the FBI steps in and declares a victory in the war on terror.

Christopher Lee Cornell: He fell for the FBI's fake terror okey-doke (mugshot).
Christopher Lee Cornell: He fell for the FBI's fake terror okey-doke (mugshot).

NBC News reports:
Ohio man was arrested Wednesday and accused of planning to attack the U.S. Capitol, U.S. officials told NBC News. But the officials said the man, identified as Christopher Cornell, 20, was dealing with an undercover agent the entire time and was never in a position to carry out his plan.

“There was never a danger to the public,” an official told NBC News.
The officials said that starting in August, Cornell began posting comments on Twitter in support of ISIS under an alias, Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah. Shortly after those posts began appearing, the FBI sent an undercover operative to meet with him.

During a meeting with the operative, court documents say, Cornell said he wanted “to go forward with violent jihad” and that Anwar al-Awlaki — the U.S.-born Muslim cleric who was killed by a U.S. drone in September 2011 and was the first U.S. citizen publicly known to have been added to the U.S. kill-or-capture list — and others had encouraged that kind of action.
Seriously, Anwar al-Awlaki again? Hasn’t his name become synonymous with “false flag”? He’s a proven federal asset who also supposedly handled the Fort Hood Shooter, the Underwear Bomber and even the recent Paris Shooters – all incredibly shady events that served to advance the “war on terror” agenda.

The FBI has incubated fake terror plots over and over: See thisthisthisthisthisthisthis, andthis. Surely they’d never let an event go live, would they? What would they have to gain?

Well, the only reason this story exists at all is to make the public feel that there are genuine terror threats targeting the US Capitol. That is then used to justify spying on the Internet and funding the huge terrorism-industrial complex that has nothing better to do than make up the reasons to keep giving them money.

The police state is a ruthless business, and false flag terror is its most effective marketing tool.

UPDATE: Surprise, the salesmen are already using this fake story to push their agenda:
John Boehner Credits Government Surveillance For Uncovering Capitol Bomb Threat

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