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Cops Who Kill People: Keep Their Names Secret — New Law Proposed In Arizona State Senate

Law is designed to hide the identify of killer cops until the public has had a chance to "simmer down"

Illustration adapted from Christopher Dombres.
Illustration adapted from Christopher Dombres.
By Moreh B.D.K.
Even though there have been numerous objections raised to SB 1445, the state Senate committee advanced a bill Wednesday that would keep the names of police officers secret after shootings. Law enforcement agencies would be permitted to withhold names of officers involved in shootings for 90 days after incidences of deadly force.

The Tucson Sentinel reports that SB 1445 “would apply unless the officer is arrested or charged, a criminal investigation is complete, the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure require the release, or the officer consents to the release.”

The bill was drafted by Senator Steve Smith (R-Maricopa), who said that his goal in writing the legislation is “to protect officers and their families.”

“This bill came because we are trying to protect those who protect us,” he explained.

Smith says that 90 days would be a good enough “cooling-off” period where public unrest should dissipate on its own.

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