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Another Unarmed Black Teen Shot To Death by Cop: The Same Wisconsin Cop Who Was 'Cleared' for Another Killing Seven Years Earlier

The officer was given a paid vacation while an "investigation" of the killing is conducted and protests continue
Tony Robinson, pictured here with his mother Andrea.
Tony Robinson, pictured here with his mother Andrea.
Black Teen Tony Robinson Shot Dead by Cop in Madison, Wisconsin, Was Unarmed

By Elisha Fieldstadt, Emmanuelle Saliba and Elizabeth Chuck
The 19-year-old black man who was shot dead Friday during a confrontation with a police officer in Madison, Wisconsin, was unarmed, police said Saturday.

He was identified as Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., a graduate of Sun Prairie High School, a family spokesman and authorities said. "It's a challenging time for this family right now. To lose a son, especially the way they lost a son," said the family spokesman, Michael Johnson.
RELATED STORY: Veteran white cop who shot unarmed black teen Tony Robinson in Wisconsin cleared in 2007 'suicide by cop' shooting
The shooting took place Friday at about 6:30 p.m., Madison police said, and sparked protests, including a sit-in at Madison City Hall.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said at a Friday news conference that an officer — later identified as veteran cop Matt Kenny — responded to reports of a man jumping in and out of traffic and that "the same subject had been responsible for a battery that had recently been committed."

Koval said the officer followed the man to the residence where the alleged battery took place, and said the man attacked the officer there. During the confrontation, the officer drew his weapon and shot the suspect.

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