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Another Unarmed Man Shot Dead By Cop — This Time In Atlanta: The Victim Was Mentally Disturbed and Naked

Apparently the "terrified officer" felt his life was threatened by the man's nudity. Or perhaps the cop believed the victim was carrying an invisible gun.

Anthony Hill: Killed for losing his mind and walking toward a cop while naked.
Anthony Hill: Killed for losing his mind and walking toward a cop while naked.

Georgia Investigators Look Into Police Shooting of Naked, Unarmed Man

By Richard Fausset
A witness to the fatal police shooting of a naked, unarmed man here said Tuesday that the man had approached the officer with his hands in the air, prompting the frightened officer to shoot at close range with a handgun.

The witness, Pedro Castillo, 43, is a maintenance man at the Heights at Chamblee, the apartment complex northeast of Atlanta where Anthony Hill, 27, was shot and killed Monday afternoon. Mr. Castillo, speaking Spanish, said that Mr. Hill, a black man, had seemed out of sorts. He was naked and on all fours in the parking lot when the police officer, who is white, arrived in his squad car, parking a good distance away. Mr. Castillo said.

When Mr. Hill saw the officer, Mr. Castillo said, he stood up and moved toward him with his hands raised, and the officer, obviously frightened, yelled for him to stop. Mr. Castillo said that he had not seen a scuffle, but that he did see the officer pull out the handgun and shoot Mr. Hill.

In a news conference on Monday, Cedric L. Alexander, the DeKalb County deputy chief operating officer for public safety, said the officer had had a Taser at the time. He said he did not know whether the officer had used it.

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