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Cops Throw Woman Into Psych Ward Where She Was Drugged and Held 9 Days — For Saying Obama Follows Her On Twitter: She Was Telling The Truth

Psych docs insisted she rescind her 'followed by Obama' claim before she was released
Screen shot.
Screen shot.

By Scott Kaufman
A Long Island woman was detained in a Harlem mental institution for eight days for claiming, among other things, that President Barack Obama followed her on Twitter — even though he does.

According to The Daily News‘ Stephen Rex Brown, last year Kam Brock attempted to retrieve a car that the New York Police Department had seized.

When she walked into the NYPD’s Public Service Area 6 stationhouse, she was, by her own admission, “emotional,” but insisted that she was by no means “emotionally disturbed.”

The NYPD disagreed — they handcuffed her and sent her to the hospital.

According to the lawsuit Brock is filing, the “next thing you know, the police held onto me, the doctor stuck me with a needle and I was knocked out. I woke up to them taking off my underwear and then went out again. I woke up the next day in a hospital robe.”

She said she was heavily sedated by hospital employees, and she told The Daily News that she only mentioned to doctors that the president follows her on Twitter to show them “the type of person I am. I’m a good person, a positive person. Obama follows positive people.”

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