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How Police Get Away With Murder: The "He Went for My Gun" Cover-up (Video)

The "He went for my gun" coverup was also used by the officer who murdered Michael Brown. In this case the police officers, knowing they were being video taped, engaged in a "real time" coverup by yelling "drop the gun" just before they shot the unarmed mentally impaired homeless man.
Witness says he didn't see the victim reaching for any cop's gun
Witness says he didn't see the victim reaching for any cop's gun.
By Michael Pearson, Holly Yan and Sara Sidner,
The man who captured dramatic video of a fatal police shooting in Los Angeles said Monday he saw no justification for the weekend killing.

Why didn't the police simply "shoot the man in the leg? He's already on the ground," Anthony Blackburn told CNN.

Los Angeles police said they're investigating the shooting, the latest high profile incident involving lethal force by police in the wake of officer-involved killings in Ferguson, Missouri and New York last year.

Blackburn's video from Sunday already has been watched millions of times. It starts with a man swinging his arms at police officers near the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles' Skid Row -- a neighborhood rife with poverty.

One officer tackles him, and three others try to subdue him. At least one pulls out a stun gun and tries to shock the man.

Witness: I didn't see suspect reaching for LAPD's gun - 03:16

"Drop the gun!" a man yells.

Seconds later, five gunshots ring out, prompting shock and screams from bystanders.
RELATED STORY: LA Times Propaganda Headline — "Once a weapon is grabbed, 'all bets are off'."
"Why did y'all shoot that man?" one witness yells. "Y'all got (him) tased. Why did you y'all shoot that man?"

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