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Israel's Mass Murderer of Gaza's Children Whining Like A Baby: Netanyahu Claims 'Leftist', Media of Conspiring to Bring Him Down

In a Facebook post, the premier accuses Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper of colluding with organizations, NGOs, tycoons and foreign governments in a campaign against him.

Photo by thierry ehrmann.
Photo by thierry ehrmann.
By Haaretz
With only three days to go before the Knesset election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the opposition Zionist Union of running an illegitimate election campaign in a Facebook post on Friday.

"Left-wing and media elements in Israel and abroad have conspired to bring [Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni] to power illegitimately, by means of slander at home and unprecedented money from abroad," Netanyahu wrote.

The prime minister also lashed out Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, accusing it of running an intensive campaign against himself and his Likud party in collaboration with unnamed organizations, NGOs, tycoons and foreign governments.

"Numerous testimonies by Yedioth Ahronoth employees that have reached us recently indicate that [Yedioth Ahronoth publisher] Noni Mozes is leading an orchestrated campaign against the Likud and against me, in collaboration with organizations and NGOs that are acting for that purpose with the support of tycoons in Israel and abroad and also the support of foreign governments," Netanyahu wrote.

He went on to accuse the newspaper of "cooperating and coordinating fully" with the leaders of Zionist Union. The Zionist Union platform, he added, "implicitly commits" the party to closing down Yisrael Hayom, a newspaper that supports the prime minister.

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