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Neo-Nazis Employed by the Philadelphia Police Department Beat Man for No Reason — Victim Loses Job Due to Injuries (Video)

The 21-year-old father was fired from his janitor job for missing work after the brutal police beating.

Najee Rivera and the gun toting, badge wearing racists who attacked him.
Najee Rivera and the gun toting, badge wearing racists who attacked him.

By Mark Berman
Two police officers in Philadelphia have been charged with beating a man nearly two years ago and claiming that he attacked them, authorities said this week.

Najee Rivera was apparently attacked for RSWL
(riding a scooter while Latino)

The charges, which come amid a heightened focus on police tactics in the country, came as a result of surveillance footage showing that the officers, rather than being assaulted as they had reported, knocked the man off a motor scooter before beating him so severely he required stitches and staples, according to a grand jury report, the Philadelphia district attorney and the city’s police commissioner.

“The same rules should apply to everyone,” Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s district attorney, said Thursday at a news conference announcing the charges. “Rich or poor, black or white, or a sworn officer with a badge.”

A grand jury had investigated the May 2013 incident after Williams’s office received surveillance video from the scene. The grand jury said in its findings that Sean McKnight and Kevin Robinson, the two Philadelphia police officers, “assaulted Najee Rivera by knocking him off of his motor scooter and then hitting him repeatedly with a baton and fists causing him bodily injury, including a fractured orbital and numerous facial cuts requiring stitches and staples.”

Rivera was driving a motor scooter in north Philadelphia at night when the police pulled him over. In his grand jury testimony, Rivera said that the officers got out of their car with their batons out and said “Come here!”, so he got scared and began driving away.

The surveillance video showed the police car, without its lights or siren activated and not issuing any commands, hitting Rivera on his scooter and knocking him onto the ground, according to the grand jury presentation. This video then shows the officers getting out of the car and hitting Rivera with a baton, first while being held against a wall and then while he was on the ground.

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