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Neo-Nazis Uncovered in Florida Police Department — Four Have Been Fired

Neo-Nazis caught producing racist videos and sending racist text messages. The hate operation was exposed by a hero — an ex-fiance of one of the cops.
Are members of your local police department neo-Nazis? - Hey, you never know. (Photo by Elias Gayles)
Are members of your local police department neo-Nazis? - Hey, you never know. (Photo by Elias Gayles)
By Brian Hamacher
Four Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police officers are off the force after exchanging racist text messages between themselves and creating a video with racial bias, officials said Friday.

Three of the officers, Jason Holding, James Wells and Christopher Sousa, were fired following an extensive internal affairs investigation that began in October 2014, Chief Frank Adderley said at a news conference.


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A fourth officer, Alex Alvarez, resigned during the course of the investigation and would have been fired, Adderley said.

The inappropriate material included photos of President Barack Obama and fellow Fort Lauderdale Police officers, Adderley said. The video was made by Alvarez, Adderley said.

According to a police report on the firings, the officers criticized co-workers' appearance and work ethic, and they "exchanged text messages that included derogatory comments towards Hispanics and homosexuals."

According to Adderley, the officers said they were just joking around.

"The four officers' conduct was inexcusable and there is zero tolerance for this type of behavior within the Fort Lauderdale Police Department," Adderley said.

The conduct wasn't against the law, Adderley said.

"I'm very disappointed, disgusted and shocked by this incident," Mayor Jack Seiler said.

The investigation began after the former fiancee of Alvarez saw the text messages and came forward after she felt they were inappropriate, Adderley said. Adderley said the officers were removed from contact with the public during the investigation.

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