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The New York Times Turns a Blind Eye While the Clintons and Mexico's Richest Man Feast on Haiti

The corruption that surrounds U.S.-backed Haitian President Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly is deeply entwined with the billion dollar deals revolving around Bill and Hillary Clinton and a Mexican billionaire. Martelly now rules by decree, while the Clintons prepare to reoccupy the White House. President Obama’s legacy is that he and Hillary “finished the Bushes’ project to destroy democracy and installed outright dictatorship back into Haiti.”

By Ezili Dantò
“Mainstream media, like the NYT, are also part of the organized syndicate working against the well being of the people of Haiti.”
In 2004, the US brought Mauritania, which actually still enslaves Black Africans, to participate in the UN “peacekeeping” forces in the land that abolished European slavery in combat in 1804.

In 2015, to flaunt their terror closer, the US is reportedly deploying Mexico as “peacekeepers” to the mix in Haiti.

Mexico is a de facto US colony where tens of thousands are forced to flee the imperial violence there, described as the ongoing drug war, kidnapping/human trafficking epidemic, and violent corruption. There ‘s no need, then, to explain what UN “peacekeeping” missions around the globe are all about.

Eleven years after the UN mission began in Haiti, it’s brought dictatorship, a virulent cholera epidemic, tens of thousands of deaths, rapes of women, men and children and more jails than ever before in Haiti’s 200 year history.

But, we fight back and, not being a full-fledged US-Euro colony, the Haitian people still control more lands, more offshore islands all the other 14 colonized countries in the Caribbean, and Haiti is still less violent than its neighbors. The Obamas, Clintons and Bushes aim to fix that problem.

Haiti is the colonial marketplace these world powers amuse themselves with, by apportioning it off, at will, to various nations and commercial allies. They don’t understand this collective soul that refuses to lose its innocence. Haiti’s innocence terrifies the psychopaths. They’ve got to create a travesty like President Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly to comfort themselves about Haiti’s corruptibility.

The truth reveals madness. That the plantation called Haiti is where brutal, modern-day feudal pillage and European rape are masked as foreign aid and NGO benevolence. Mexico is sending “peacekeepers” to Haiti? A Mexico known for awful treatment of its people, for drug traffic and kidnapping epidemics. A Mexico destroyed by US imperialism and unfair trade. The question for Haiti to ask is: how is Mexico connected to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation privatizing of US government assets for personal use? Here’s a possibility:

“Vancouver mining financier Grank Giustra is teaming with former U.S. president Bill Clinton and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to crete a $20 million (U.S.) fund that will finance small businesses in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.” – Guistra Teams with Clinton, Slim on Haiti Fund, by Andy Hoffman, June 18, 2010
“Carlos Slim and others in his financial echelon are probably also getting the use of UN logo on helicopters, ships and tanks for the CIA’s old drug trade.”
Soooo, former narco-trafficker Carlos Slim, a Clinton Foundation donor and the richest man in the world, just got a few jobs for Mexican soldiers in Haiti? The cost to him is perhaps just a mere $100 million donation to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative or $20 million to the Clinton, Guistra, Slim Fund – uhm “for Haiti?” But for that and other such “corporate investments,” Mr. Slim and others in his financial echelon are probably also getting the use of UN logo on helicopters, ships and tanks for the CIA’s old drug trade, no? Giustra is known for getting his pal, Bill Clinton to help with getting state mining deals and concessions. The story of Anthony Rodham‘s Haiti gold mine and the roles of Eurasian Minerals, Newmont Mining, Frank Guistra, Barrick Gold, VCS and St. Genevieve mining won’t be written by the New York Times in time to stop mining on the quake fault line in Haiti’s Northern resource belt. Carlos Slim is the largest New York Times’ shareholder. (See also, F. William Engdahl’s “Hillary: The New York Times Will Never Tell Us This.)

The ugly destruction of the planet is played out straight in our faces. But it’s legal to lie now according to new Obama US laws, so the misinformation swirls more overtly.

Haiti is a fiscal paradise for the United States. Mexico is joining in. The New York Times recently wrote about US imperialism and bullying in Haiti without ever mentioning it.

The New York Times is a day late, dollar short reporting on the criminality of the Michel Martelly regime. (See “Haitian Leader’s Power Grows as Scandals Swirl,” March 16.) Notice it comes, not when Haitians where daily protesting against Martelly and the legal bandits and rejecting the murders, fraud and ascendancy to formal dictatorship. Oh no. It comes after Martelly’s formal neoDuvalier dictatorship begins. After Samantha Powers, Pamela White, Susan Rice, Hollywood and the Clintons have solidified Obama’s strongman in Haiti. Why? Because mainstream media, like the NYT, are also part of the organized syndicate working against the well being of the people of Haiti. They’re part and parcel of the imperial mafia. The NYT article exposes the crimes of the lowly soldier for empire, Michel Martelly. It’s like reading a police crime blotter sheet on Martelly.

It’s all true and Haitians in our circle have been naming these crimes and fighting this corruption daily. The misinformation part is that Michel Martelly, Laurent Lamothe and the rest of the US thugs were not put in power by a free Haiti. They’re mere employees of the US bosses who put them in power and keep them in power against the Haitian people’s constant dissent and struggle. The New York Times did not point out that Michel Martelly has been ruling by decree since before Parliament was officially dissolved. It did not list the deep politics and crimes of the top US-Euro bosses in Haiti that orchestrated this travesty. Never mentioned the respondeat superior – how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama finished the Bushes’ project to destroy democracy and installed outright dictatorship back into Haiti.

The Haiti struggle is the greatest untold David vs Goliath battle being played out on planet earth. But, we who don’t assimilate are Haitians, from the womb to the tomb and Desalin is always rising. Desalin taught us how to stand alone against the greatest evils on planet earth and say no.

Ezili Dantò is executive director of the HLLN/Free Haiti Movement.

 Reprinted with permission from Black Agenda Report.

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