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The Police Body Cam Sham: Denver Cops Fail to Use Mandated Body Cams 75% of the Time—Wonder Why

Body cams don't help if you don't turn them on.
Photo - NPR.org
By Terrell Jermaine Starr
Body cams are suppose to help increase accountability of the police to the public, but they’re useless if the cops don’t turn them on.

Denver police officers turned on their body cameras just once out of every four use-of-force incidents during its 6-month pilot program that concluded in December, according to the Denver Post. Denver's independent police monitor Nick Mitchell said in a report that there were many cases where officers punched people, used pepper spray or use Tasers that went unrecorded because cameras weren’t turned on or malfunctions occurred.

Of the 80 use-of-force cases filed by officers, only 21 were recorded. Thirty-five of those cases involved sergeants and other supervisors or officers working off-duty assignments; ironically, none of those groups were required to wear body cameras.

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