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A Man Was Suffocated To Death by Police Two Years Ago — Video Finally Released After Lawsuit

San Antonio police suffocating Jesse Aquirre. (Screen capture from video)

By Cassandra Fairbanks
San Antonio, TX–The family of Jesse Aguirre, 37, who was killed by San Antonio police just over two years ago have filed a lawsuit against the city and eight police officers involved in his killing. Recently released dashcam footage captured the final moments of the tragic event that left a boy without his father.

Named in the suit are officers Cristina Gonzales, Roberto Mendez, Jennifer Morgan, Bettina Arredondo, Ronald Haley, Benito Juarez, Robert Encina, and SAPD spokesperson Douglas Greene.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Aguirre’s son and widow states that Aguirre’s civil rights were violated when the officers ended his life.

Aguirre had been in a car accident. He was intoxicated and high on cocaine when he attempted to leave the scene of the crash in an “excited delirium” after his girlfriend decided to break up with him. The police allege that he was driving a stolen vehicle and arguing with his girlfriend when he crashed into a fence.

The department alleges Aguirre resisted arrest when officers caught up with him and cuffed him. They claim four officers were needed to subdue him. The department told his wife that he died from cardiac arrest, and it wasn’t until she received the autopsy report that she found out that wasn’t exactly the case. The lawsuit alleges that the police suffocated him to death.

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