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Body of Man Murdered by Police Toyed With — Ghoulish Cop Giggled, Said 'tickle, tickle' As He Played With Victim's Feet

Police claimed the unarmed Villegas "reached into his belt" before he was shot down by police.

Ramiro James Villegas (left) and police officer Aaron Stringer.
Ramiro James Villegas (left) and police officer Aaron Stringer.
By Nancy Dillon
A California cop is on paid leave for allegedly tickling and tampering with the corpse of a man shot and killed by police - and the dead man's outraged family wants answers, their lawyer said.

Bakersfield Police Officer Aaron Stringer allegedly pulled on the toes of Ramiro James Villegas' body in November, touched the bottom of Villegas' feet saying "tickle tickle," manipulated his head and told a trainee he "loved" playing with dead bodies, lawyer Mark Geragos told the Daily News.

"We are grossly disturbed by the ghoulish behavior of the police," Geragos told The News.

"The family wants answers and accountability," the prominent lawyer said.


Family and Friends Gathered to Celebrate the Life of Ramiro Villegas


The disturbing allegations surfaced Friday after the Bakersfield Californian newspaper obtained internal police reports regarding Officer Stringer's actions at the Kern Medical Center.

The alleged incident took place as Villegas' body lay on a gurney covered with a blood-soaked white sheet, the newspaper said.

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