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Broadcast TV Channel Chooses Sides In Chicago Mayoral Race — Refuses to Air Anti-Rahm Emanuel Ad

ABC-TV forgets that it doesn't own the local broadcast frequency - It's leased to them by the American people.
—Ronald David Jackson

Illustration by DonkeyHotey.
Illustration by DonkeyHotey.

By Patrick Howley
The ABC network refuses to air a commercial criticizing Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel even though other networks are running the spot, The Daily Caller has learned.

As Emanuel seeks re-election in the Chicago mayoral run-off next week, the Republican-leaning Real Chicago PAC produced an ad highlighting reported instances of Emanuel’s corruption and crony capitalism, including his promotion of the transportation company Uber, in which his brother Ari is a major investor.

“We sent the commercial to the local Fox affiliate. They vetted it, they checked every single quote and every single headline to make sure it was accurate and they ran it on the night of the [mayoral] debate,” Real Chicago PAC chairman Bill Kelly told TheDC. Kelly noted that NBC also approved the ad. But the ad will not appear on ABC 7, Chicago’s highest-rated local network. And that decision came down from ABC’s national corporate infrastructure.

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